Monday, September 10, 2012

Stickin' It to Vegas -- Week 1

After removing the proverbial egg on my face due to the Kickoff Game predictions, it is time to rebound from my poor start.  Going through each game, I will pick the overall winner and the spread winner.  Currently, I am 0-1 in winners and 0-1 against the spread.

I know this is posted on Monday, which makes the average person believe these picks are about as compromised as Onterrio Smith's urine sample, but I did have my picks in place prior to Sunday's games.  On to the picks...

Colts at Bears (-10): Bears win; Colts with the points

Eagles (-9) at Browns: Eagles win and cover

Bills at Jets (-3): Jets win and cover

Redskins at Saints (-8.5): Saints win and cover

Patriots (-5.5) at Titans: Patriots win and cover

Jaguars at Vikings (-3.5): Vikings win; Jaguars with the points

Dolphins at Texans (-13): Texans win and cover

Rams at Lions (-8.5): Lions win and cover

Falcons (-2.5) at Chiefs: Falcons win and cover

49ers at Packers (-5): Packers win and cover

Panthers (-3) at Bucs: Panthers win and cover

Seahawks (-3) at Cardinals: Seahawks win and cover

Steelers at Broncos (-2.5): Steelers win and take the points

Bengals at Ravens (-7): Ravens win and cover

Chargers at Raiders (-1): Raiders win and cover

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